About the Book

Do you think that the health care reform plan that was recently signed into law by President Obama will reduce health care costs?

Are you confused about what has been done to solve America’s health care problems?

Do you still question why health care costs so much?

If you answered yes to these; you are not alone.  Without a doubt, health care is the most misunderstood industry in America and the recent health care debate proves it! Like most misunderstandings that lead to serious, hard to solve problems; those about health care have been brewing for a long time and were formulated by a progression of seemingly rational developments that have produced an irrational system.  As we all know, you can’t fix something unless you fully understand it.

HEALTH SCARE  The Truth Behind America’s Heath Care Crisis delivers a unique and convincing argument that these misunderstandings have led us to focus on the symptoms of our health care problems, not the underlying causes.  The book explains that what we refer to as health care is really a combination of “well care” and “sick care.”  “Well care” encompasses services and treatments that are intended to keep one healthy.  On the other hand, “sick care” services are provided to improve or cure an already present medical condition(s).  One of the key misunderstandings is that the United States has the greatest health care in the world.  In a decidedly persuasive presentation, the book stresses that we have the greatest “sick care” in the world; but in fact, “well care” in the United States is far from the best! 

We have great “sick care” because insurance policies provide abundant financial resources for treating those that are already injured or ill but little reward or incentive for keeping people healthy.  And, we all know that “things that don’t get rewarded don’t get done”.  Furthermore, we have not assigned accountability to anyone in the health care system to improve the health status of Americans.  The system ignores those who are healthy but pays great attention with expensive and often unnecessary medical care to those who are sick.  The acceptance of this illogical system has spawned another great misunderstanding—the only way to reduce health care cost is to reduce fees paid to health care providers and to ration medical care.

In addressing the issue of the uninsured, the book reveals one more relevant misunderstanding—providing health care to the uninsured will costs billions of dollars.  Although the uninsured may be without health care coverage they are not necessarily without health care.  One way they get health care is by going to an emergency room.  By law, hospital emergency rooms must screen and stabilize patients regardless of their ability to pay.  This obviously is the most inefficient and expensive way to treat the uninsured.  A rational system would utilize this spending in a more efficient and effective manner.

HEALTH SCARE  The Truth Behind America’s Health Care Crisis walks you through the evolution of our health care system, clarifying misconceptions and unveiling the true causes of our health care problems along the way.  You will gain invaluable insight into why health care costs are skyrocketing and the ranks of the uninsured continue to grow.  With this understanding, you will be convinced that he has developed a concrete plan to solve this crisis!

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